Expert Turned Assignee: Life as a Trailing Spouse and Remote Employee Abroad

Jeremy Piccoli, one of our top tax managers here at AIRINC, was recently interviewed for a podcast with Tandem Nomads, a site that focuses on expat partners and highlights their experience within the relocation process. As a global mobility professional himself, Jeremy shares a unique and wide-ranging knowledge of housing, cost of living, tax, hardship, assignment negotiation, and much more. Having analyzed these components of relocation for others over many years, he provides insight that is rarely heard in our industry.St.-Moritz-resort-town-in-Switzerland-452237-edited

Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear both personal and professional insights from his experience in Basel, Switzerland, including a discussion on the paradigm of trailing spouses, types of compensation offered for relocating families, implications on tax both foreign and domestic, and the life and opportunities available to trailing spouses in a new home.

If you’d like to listen to this entertaining and informative podcast, follow the link here now and enjoy!