Benefits of an international education

What are the benefits of an international summer school?

ISSOS-founder-Jen-MunroJen Munro, Founder and MD of ISSOS International Summer Schools, explains how international education is the key to changing the world and impacting an entire generation.

I spend my life going to business functions and events and the moment people find out what I do they always ask, “What are the benefits of going to a summer school?” This is a very easy question to answer and the answer always surprises the unsuspecting asker, they didn’t for a second believe there could be so many benefits.

There is however a bigger and far more important question to be asked: “What are the benefits of an INTERNATIONAL program/summer school or education?”

Recently, as I watch the news and hear pre-conceived ideas about the countries and the people that we deal with every day through ISSOS, does this benefit, this idea of young people coming together from all over the world, really hit home.  I realise just how important, how vital, international education andinternational programs that bring young people together from around the world under one roof, really are.

“You’re changing the world, this is how we achieve world peace”

I enjoy talking to people and telling them the incredible stories we have of young people who now understand that we are all connected. I enjoy explaining to them that we have students who have never met anyone from Lebanon until they come to the summer school and suddenly in the weeks that follow summer school, Lebanon or France or India are now relevant to them. The other day as I told impassioned stories of connections made at ISSOS to some business people, the lawyer standing next to me turned and said “You’re changing the world, this is how we achieve world peace”. Now, far be it for me to claim that we are doing either of those things, but if by what we do, we can have an impact on young people, on their thinking and opinions, and create an environment where they are safe, then in our way we are making a difference.