Apparent data leak leaves foreigners in southern Thailand anxious

A PURPORTED immigration data leak has set alarm bells ringing among foreigners living in southern Thailand, raising safety and security concerns with the sharing of sensitive information such as passport details and home addresses.foreigner-map-1-940x580

The leak emerged on Twitter recently with one user highlighting that the authorities had put the names and addresses of the residents online, leaving many baffled as to why the information had been divulged for public viewing.

On the micro-blogging site, Scotland-based journalist and university lecturer Andrew MacGregor Marshall called on affected residents to take steps to protect themselves by altering or deleting the information on the website, which displayed the information on an interactive map. The information apparently included details of those based in all southern provinces from Chumphon, to Yala and Narathiwat.

He also claimed he had been able to obtain the web administrator’s password for the website involved and had since been able to take it down.