5 Ways to Acclimate Multinational Employees

Moving from one company to another requires only minor assimilation in comparison with moving from across the world. When entering a completely different region’s culture, everything can feel foreign.home_carousel_img51

As companies become increasingly more global, there’s a greater need to train multinational staff on how to succeed in markets foreign to them. Nadia Nassif, CEO and founder of Springboards, a Quincy, Massachusetts-based coaching company focused on leadership, professional communication and cross-cultural development, does just that.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015, “over the coming 10 years, we will face huge, tectonic forces of globalization,” meaning that more and more companies will become global. People will be collaborating across time zones and countries even more than we see now. If unfamiliar with one another’s culture, clashes might occur.

Prior to starting Springboards, Nassif lived in Paris and Tokyo, which each had their own unique worlds of work. “There were these unspoken rules of the game that I really had to start to learn to appreciate and apply in how I worked there so that I could be respected, so that I could be more accepted in certain groups,” she said. “There were some hard learning lessons there.”