Why America needs its immigrant talent

America is a country of immigrants, and it’s sometimes hard to remember that. Although we all put our pants on one leg at a time,we come from very different backgrounds. The idea of a cultural melting pot might seem antiquated nowadays, but in truth it’s now more relevant than ever. The economy went global a long time ago, and that means the pool of talent companies can draw from has also expanded.home_carousel_img51

In our parents’ day, immigrants might have to come to America with very little means and worked their way up the ladder over a number of years, by studying and working hard. The same is true today, but now there are also many immigrants already in possession of unique skills and knowledge. This immigrant talent can make a powerful addition to the workforce, filling in gaps of locally-sourced talent or broadening the horizons of a plateaued business. Now is not the time to be cynical about the American Dream. Highly skilled immigrants, working with American teams, have the ability to accomplish great things.

An impressive precedent
The Pew Research Center reported on data collected by venture capitalist Mary Meeker that showed 60 percent of the top 25 tech companies were founded by first- and second-generation Americans. Among these were Apple, Google, IBM and Oracle.