UK immigration changes to significantly affect foreign nationals and employers

While the first round of amendments are fairly minor in nature, the changes scheduled for late 2016 and early 2017 will significantly affect foreign nationals and their employers.editorial-uk-immigration-changes-to-significantly-affect-foreign-nationals-and-employers_8226_t12
Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) Review of Tier 2 Immigration Stream

As reported in our recent Global Brief on this subject, the UK authorities recently commissioned a review of the popular Tier 2 Immigration Route in response to fear of significant program overuse. The changes scheduled for later this year and early 2017 directly stem from this Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) review and report. After further deliberation, it appears as though the UK government has moved forward with most of the recommended changes from the MAC.

What’s changed?

In order to provide both affected foreign nationals and their sponsoring companies sufficient time to prepare for these changes, the UK authorities will roll out the amendments in three separate phases through April 2017.

April 6, 2016

The changes coming on April 6, 2016 are independent of the February MAC report and include:

Tier 1 – the changes to the Tier 1 Immigration Stream during this phase are fairly minor; generally, there will be an increase in document requirements for most applicants.
Tier 2 – the changes to Tier 2 Immigration Stream during this phase will affect the allocation procedures for Tier 2 Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).