To Adopt (a Dog) or Not to Adopt (a Dog) in Europe?

Dogs, being as social and active as they are, can be welcome pals to the sometimes-lonely expat, providing great motivation to get out into the world and mix with a new community.BN-NH595_Expet__G_20160329111948

Acquiring a canine companion in a foreign country, however, can be tricky.

For North Americans, coming from a place where problems with dog overpopulation have led to the Adopt, Don’t Shop trend, the idea of purchasing a pet might induce a bit of a dilemma. For expats living in a region such as Scandinavia, say, finding a homeless dog in need can pose a challenge as there are simply no strays (very little “adopting not shopping” there). For dog-loving expats moving to or living in Europe, it’s important to recognize that local standards for acquiring a furry friend can vary from region to region, depending on issues of dog populations, animal welfare laws, and cultural norms.