Three overlooked factors when relocating employees

HR plays an important role in preparing employees for overseas assignments.2602069_l

While mobility policies are already in place, there are still several aspects that are often overlooked.

Wendy Chee, Director of Sales, Santa Fe Relocation Services, stated that these mistakes are especially prevalent during the selection phase.

They include:

  • Providing family assistance

According to Chee, HR should pay attention to the employee’s spouse and their children.

She said there can sometimes be a lack of investment in understanding the important factors associated with their family situation.

This can be in terms of sourcing possible job opportunities for their spouse or providing education options for their children.

“While it may seem intrusive, organisations have a duty of care to support their employees throughout the international assignments,” she said.

“If these factors are poorly investigated, and managed, they can make or break situations resulting in failed assignments or early repatriation.”

  • Soft skills for family

The lack of cultural adaptability and language training can impact the employee’s family members or partner during their stay on the business trip.

“The trailing family or partner can often become isolated and will not have the same support infrastructure as the assignee,” Chee adds.