brazilPro- and anti-government protests are set to continue in cities across Brazil until 17 April. These will be led in support of the current regime of President Dilma Rousseff, including the Workers’ Party (PT) and Frente Brasil Popular, and by opposition groups, including Vem Pra Rua Brasil and MovimentoBrazil Livre (MBL), calling for her impeachment. Planned demonstrations have already been scheduled to be held in the capital, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Curitiba in the coming days.

One of the primary protest focal points is likely to be the Palacio do Congresso Nacional (National Congress) in Brasilia. The demonstrations are expected to climax on 17 April, when the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house) of Brazil’s bicameral National Congress is scheduled to vote on impeachment. If two-thirds vote for impeachment, the issue will be sent to the Federal Senate (the upper house) for a final vote and decision. It should be noted that additional security force personnel have been deployed to the vicinity of the National Congress in Brasilia ahead of the vote and as a precaution against civil unrest between rival groups.