Obama dragged into first day of EU referendum campaign

With 10 weeks of debate before the stay-or-leave referendum on June 23, a new poll showed how evenly divided Britons are over the issue. The poll, commissioned by ITV, found that 40 per cent wanted to stay while 39 per cent wanted out.david-sapsted-2016-obama-dragged-into-first-day-of-eu-referendum-campaign_8347_t12

Kicking off the ‘stay’ campaign, Lord Darling, the former chancellor of the exchequer who led the campaign against Scottish independence, told a Britain Stronger in Europe event in London, “This is a very, very close vote. No one can predict with any certainty what is likely to happen,” he told a Britain Stronger In Europe event in London.

“I hope we will win and I hope we will win well but we need to get the support of people the length and breadth of the country, no matter what there political allegiance has been in the past. We need every single vote. It is going to be very close. Every vote counts.”

Lord Darling acknowledged that the issue of immigration from the EU was high on many voters’ agendas but he pointed to studies and business surveys showing that the UK would need to maintain the numbers coming into the country if it was to avoid an economic downturn.

Meanwhile, for the ‘leave’ lobby, Boris Johnson, the London mayor, said a Brexit would give the National Health Service a multi-billion pound boost because, he said, much of the UK’s £10.6 billion net contribution to the EU could be diverted to health care should Britain quit the EU.