GLOBAL Immigration Dispatch: Canada, Mozambique and Thailand

Thailand: Visa overstays can now result in re-entry bans for up to ten yearseditorial-pro-link-global-immigration-dispatch-canada-mozambique-and-thailand_8212_t12

In November 2015, a ban order was signed for the strict enforcement against foreign nationals overstaying the expiration date on their stay permits. The enforcement of these new regulations went into effect on March 20, 2016. While there had long been speculation regarding when these bans would be implemented, the impending expectation of the law’s passage has already resulted in a large reduction in visa overstays.

Canada: Several changes and updates announced

Canadian authorities provided several announcements and updates recently:
Mobilité Francophone Immigration Stream Reintroduced

Canadian authorities have announced their intention to reintroduce an LMIA-exempt work permit stream for foreign nationals from French-speaking countries. Applicants must hold managerial, professional, or technical/skilled trade occupations and intend to work outside of Quebec in order to be eligible for the stream. Dubbed the “Mobilité Francophone” stream, the new work permit option is intended to increase French-speaking immigration throughout Canada.

Mozambique: Employers can now register all employees, annually, online

The Ministerial Order (no. 104/2015), dated November 27, 2015, permits employers to post their annual list of foreign national/national employees through a new online The Department of Labour, Employment and Social Security oversees the online process. Previously, employers were only able to submit their reports via paper submission. The Nominal Relation Spreadsheet is due by April 30 of each year.