European education: Preparing families for the challenges

rmarriage-2016-european-education-preparing-families-for-the-challenges_8248_t12Europe is home to some of the world’s longest- established international and private schools, many of which are the envy of the world for their high- quality teaching and excellent academic results. Some of the national education systems across the continent can also offer the chance of a smooth cultural transition, with a widening variety of options for relocating families looking to immerse themselves in the local culture.

However, for parents navigating education choices, relocation to, or even within, Europe comes with some challenges. To mark the launch of Re:locate Global’s Guide to International Education & Schools, we have drawn together some of the expert advice it offers, to help families find practical solutions.

Every family will have its own requirements when looking for a school in a new European location. As Martina Meinhold, founder and owner of Paris-based Management Mobility Consulting, which won the 2014/15 Re:locate award for Best International Destination Services Provider, explains, it is impossible to generalise.

“The choice depends on the specific situation and a number of factors,” she says, “such as the age of the child on arrival, the family’s ability to learn a new language, the expected duration of their assignment, where they choose to live, and their financial situation.”