Avnet: Fostering leaders of tomorrow

Global technology firm Avnet is hell-bent on designing a specific leadership programme for millennial employees. HRM finds out more.Avnet-Young-Leaders-Programme---Research-Project-Presentation-Photo---2

Khia Tat Lim, Vice President of HR, Avnet, says its Asia-Pacific organisation consists of a large pool of millennials; nearly half of its total workforce in the region.

“They are vibrant, resourceful, collaborative and passionate learners,” Lim says.

Having ascertained that the future of Avnet lies in these young professionals, Lim says the organisation thought it was “imperative” to craft a specific programme that would tackle the company’s needs and aspirations.

Hence, the birth of Avnet’s Young Leaders Programme, or Avnet YLP.

High-potential frontline managers

According to Lim, Avnet YLP was designed by subject matter experts within the Avnet Asia organisation as a means of developing the leadership competencies of staff at the early stages of their careers.

“It was conceived as part of Avnet’s talent management efforts in support of our rapidly growing business. It serves to accelerate the learning and development of our first level leaders, or ‘frontline managers,’ who have demonstrated potential and readiness to take on expanded roles and responsibilities,” he explains.

The programme was also formulated to help Avnet frontline managers gain insights into the company’s regional business, hone their business acumen; learn about Avnet’s perspective on ‘potential’, and identify their respective positions on four specific ‘agilities’.

These agilities are based on global people and organisational advisory firm Korn Ferry’s Learning Agility model. They are: mental, people, change and results agility.