Analysis identifies emerging global investment opportunities

Analysis identifies emerging global investment opportunities

Despite the continuing slowdown in the global economy, there are still emerging ‘hotspots’ in Africa, Europe and Middle East offering opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to an analysis presented to a conference in Vienna.


The study, presented at the company’s Global Economic and Country Risk conference, named the 15 as the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Iran.

On Europe, Sara Johnson, senior research director for global economics at IHS Global Insight, said, “The Czech Republic and Slovakia have favourable risk profiles, business-friendly agendas and highly educated populations, making these countries ripe for opportunity.

“Romania’s low labour costs, privatisation opportunities and natural resources also make up an attractive package for businesses looking to invest.

“Serbia is a long-term play for businesses as its growth prospects really depend on accession into the European Union in the 2020s. Turkey is a more ‘high risk, high reward’ market. You have a large, young, growing population with low labor costs and access points to Europe and the Middle East, but a security environment that is more risky than what we see of our other highlighted markets.”

The analysis said that while African economies would grow rapidly over the coming decade, the total size of African GDP remained very low. “Many sub-Saharan African countries remain highly dependent on commodity exports, making their exports and fiscal revenues vulnerable to the current slump in world commodity prices,” it said.