The Power of Balancing Discipline With Agility

In today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex world, talent leaders and organizations need to approach everything they do with an eye toward finding the right balance of agility and discipline to help accelerate decisions and better serve their strategic and operational needs.TM0316_Feat4_WEB

The ability to successfully balance agility and discipline can have a direct positive and measurable effect on a talent management team’s ability to manage its typical challenges — including attracting and retaining talent, building and sustaining an innovative culture, delivering an effective learning and development program, managing complex data, and complying with regulatory requirements.

The secret is really no secret at all, but rather the realization that it’s all about being versatile and recognizing that leaders’ approach might be very different from the one they use tomorrow. Mastering agility in a disciplined environment requires recognizing the implications of taking one approach vs. the other based on the current situation, and then deciding — often quickly — how to strike the right balance between the two.

Balancing at the Organizational, Individual Levels