Revealed: the world’s most dangerous cities for expats

nairobi0_2_2679848b_1-large_trans++pJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt-lGGWCWqwLa_RXJU8Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria, according to a new global survey.

Meanwhile those heading for danger zones including Nigeria and Lebanon present a financial headache for their employers, who must pay big money to ensure they’re kept as safe as possible.

Mercer ranked 230 cities based on internal stability, crime levels, performance of local law enforcement and the home country’s relationship with other countries.

Luxembourg took the top spot, followed by Bern, Helsinki and Zurich, which were tied at second place. Vienna came fifth.

Baghdad, Damascus, Karachi and Nairobi were among the lowest ranking cities for personal safety.

The survey is conducted annually to enable employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments.

It’s not just compensation – otherwise known as “danger money” – that racks up the costs of sending employees to less safe destinations.

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