Permits Foundation applauds decision to keep Tier 2 dependant working rights in the UK

The announcement on reforms to the Points Based visa system for skilled workers in response to the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) review, was made on 24 March in a written statement to Parliament.reeditor-2016-8433-mar--permits-foundation-applauds-decision-to-keep-tier-2-dependant-working-rights_8159_t12

New measures that will be introduced include an increase in the minimum salary threshold to GBP 30,000 per annum for experienced workers. For all intra-company transferees, there will be a minimum salary of GBP 41,500, with an exception for graduate trainees where the threshold salary will be reduced to GBP 23,000.

The question whether dependants should continue to be allowed to work was one of five points that the UK government asked the MAC to study with a view to bringing down immigration levels while still attracting the brightest and best foreign talent to the UK. The MAC recommended retaining the status quo on dependant work rights and welcomed the supporting evidence that Permits Foundation submitted from our survey of 1063 Tier 2 dependants in the UK.

Statement to Parliament:

Tier 2 (Skilled Workers): Written statement – HCWS660
Made by: James Brokenshire (The Minister of State for Immigration)
24 March 2016