Is the Result of the U.S. Election Good Reason to Move Abroad?

COMMENTARY—Even before Super Tuesday on Mar. 1, I was seeing comments on Facebook and Twitter from various people swearing that if Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, were to become president, they would move overseas—or to Canada. But the day after those results, Google announced that “How do I move to Canada?” searches from the U.S. had reached a record high—with Google Trends showing that around midnight EST that evening searches spiked by 1,000%. The last record high for that search was when George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004—and President Obama’s election and re-election evenings also created high percentages of similar searches.US-elections-2016-638871

While for some it may give comfort to contemplate being an expat (that’s, of course, before getting into the weeds of visa applications and immigration issues, which can cause more stress than a politician’s scaremongering comments), I, for one, think moving away from the U.S. just because the candidate you supported did not win, or that the candidate you loathe has now become president, is one of the worst decisions you can make.