american-flag-votersAmerica’s wild and wooly political season is underway and some citizens already are saying, “I’m moving to (insert country here) even before the final vote is tallied in November.

Political dissent, by the way, is a time-honored reason for moving to another country. Many of the American expats during the early part of the 20th century were living abroad for political reasons. It happens every time there is a major shift in the White House occupant or when U.S. policy is at odds with the personal political philosophies of those who disagree with the practices of the majority party.

Over the past several weeks, Google searches for sites like myinternationaladventure.com have been on the rise. We can attest to that because we cover 23 countries in detail, and new searches on our site – particularly for Canada and Mexico – have increased.

How common is it for Americans to flee their homeland for political reasons? We looked at a study we did several years ago to see how many Americans considering or actively planning a move to another country were motivated to move for political reasons. The answer was surprising to me, primarily because when I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from 2002 until 2009 I met so many expats who had fled the U.S. after George Bush was elected president, the invasion of Iraq and the revelations of torture conducted by the American government.