How an Expat Retiree Fought to Stay in Ireland

dave_expat_ireland_mayo_hpLate in the summer of 2015, American expats David and Maura Woods were asked to leave Ireland in seven days time. The Woods had retired there before new regulations requiring expats to have a minimum income of 100,000 euros took effect.

Not one to just throw in the towel and start packing, Dave decided to do everything possible to remain in Ireland. He also provided a detailed account of how he was asked to leave Ireland by the government and managed to stay on Expat Exchange’s Ireland forum.

Sometimes expatriates can do everything right when moving and living abroad, and still find themselves in a precarious situation with local, regional or national authorities.

So we decided that Dave and Maura’s story had to be shared with other expats, both in Ireland and beyond, to provide some insight into how to manage such a situation. Dave graciously agreed to an interview to help spread the word to others who might find themselves desperately trying to stay in their homes abroad.

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