Greece: Changes to Translation Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What Does This Mean in Practice?reeditor-2016-8433-mar-8436-20-8847-greece-changes-to-translation-services-at-the-ministry-of-foreign-affairs_8155_t12

If translation from or into one of the above languages is required, it will now be necessary to use an accredited translator officially recommended by the relevant consulate
Translations via independent translators are more expensive than via the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Receipt of translation costs is always requested as proof that the translation has been completed by an accredited translator.
Action Items

For translations from and into Finnish, Swedish, Slovenian, Chinese and Japanese, ensure that documents are translated by an accredited translator.
Bear in mind that the timing and the cost of translations from and into these five languages may differ from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service.