Gender Inequality: Women Representation in Boardrooms Rises By 1% Over 3 years!

gender-balance-fbnsme1458016616842_aspR_2.111_w800_h379_e400The representation of women in public utility boardrooms is growing at a very slow pace, which is a worrying trend, a new research has indicated.

The Ernst and Young (EY) report on Women in Power and Utilities Index 2016 shows that over the last three years, the number of women in public utility boardrooms has risen by a meager 1%.

Although a positive trend, the slow growth shows that much more has to be done to ensure that women take up leadership positions in the boardrooms.

The pace of growth needs to be accelerated. Otherwise, with the “current rate of a 1% rise every three years, it would take as long as 42 years to reach 30% women on boards, and 72 years to reach 40%. That’s too long” part of the report reads.

Further, the report indicates that Africa and the Middle East have the lowest fraction of female board executive directors.

The Americas led by Latin America topped the list with nine percent. North America and Europe followed closely with seven percent. Looking at the representation of women in non-executive board functions, these regions still had the highest representation.

Compared to Asia-Pacific region which stands at 3% in board executives category, the Africa/Middle East has double the executives (6%).