Chancellor’s ‘forgotten workforce’ fuels Britain’s productivity problem

“The Chancellor said this was a Budget for the next generation and the result is that today’s workforce has been largely forgotten.”

Putting the next generation first

“The Chancellor is right to want to build a solid future for the next generation but the solution to the UK’s productivity problem lies largely with this generation, some of which still have another 40 or more years of work ahead of them.reeditor-2016-8433-mar-843510-19-8815-chancellors-forgotten-workforce-fuels-britains-productivity-problem_8089_t12

“We simply cannot afford to wait twenty years or more for new skills from future generations to arrive. We need to look at the very real skills challenges that the UK is facing now and how the Government and employers can work together to address them by upgrading the skills of the existing workforce.”


“The Chancellor rightly said that “our nation’s productivity is no more and no less than the combined talents and efforts of the people of these islands” but went on to only talk of infrastructure and largely structural changes to education as the means to solve productivity.