5 Rules Of Talent Engagement: Be A Global Leader

5-Rules-Of-Talent-Engagement-Be-A-Global-Leader-740x431It’s a global, multigenerational world of work. And as if that’s not enough to deal with,many leaders find themselves managing geographically distributed work teams, often with wildly divergent schedules, personalities, cultural nuances, work habits, and – this is the difficult part – job expectations.

In a distributed work team, perhaps more than in a centralized physical office, strong leadership and process are necessary to retain your talent.

Here’s 5 steps global leaders need to make distributed teams happy and engaged:

1) An acknowledged and respected team leader. While we all aspire to collaborate effectively, a strong, decisive and sensitive leader is critical to team functioning. The team leader must be directive without micromanaging, sympathetic without being easily manipulated, a good listener and coach, and a project manager focused on achieving results. Perhaps most importantly, the leader must be committed to the team’s success, as well as the success of each team member.

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