3 ways employers can hone millennial talent through training

In 2013, millennials became the largest generation in the country, finally surpassing the baby boomers and Generation X. According to the White House, millennials are rapidly becoming a driving force of the economy, and as the years go on, their influence will only increase. Yet most millennials are still at the beginning of their careers, making this a transitory period that is sure to come with its own set of interesting problems. The fact that millennials grew up with the Internet, then came of age as the world’s economy fell into a recession means that the generation has traits and habits that may seem foreign to their employers – an obsession with technology and a sense of entitlement to name just a few. However, employers can take those unique aspects and hone them into skills and other advantages through creative employee training techniques.millenials 2

Many employers actually resist spending the time, money and effort on training millennial talent because it is commonly held that the generation likes to job hop, never staying with one company for very long. If you told that to a millennial, you might get laughed at – from their perspective jobs are hard to come by. Many graduated college only to find the entry level positions were being snapped up by Gen Xers who lost their jobs in the recession. The White House reported that millennials actually stay with their early employers longer than Gen X did at the same age. From that perspective, it makes a lot of sense to invest in millennial talent.