17 Global Expansion Tips from Successful International Executives and Directors

Global expansion is a huge topic to boil down and simplify for businesses; it’s complicated at every step of the process with hidden speed bumps that appear at the worst moment. One of the great things about today is how easy it is to crowdsource information from your network to get a clearer picture. In this post, we did that for you to get a clearer picture of global expansion.
We asked successful international business leaders in our network the same question:

Taking into account all of your experience, what would be the #1 tip you would give to anyone looking at Global Expansion for their business?

Below you will find unique insight from international executives and directors of all kinds. The tips range from hiring strategy, executive strategy, partnership advice, and more. We list their tips here in the order that we received them (there is no rank) so make sure you go through all of them. Their great advice speaks for itself and is of immense value to anyone considering global expansion. We’ll let these experts take it from here: