The Channel Island offers a low-tax environment and is hoping to tempt new residents and businesses to boost its population of 1,900

alderneyharbour_3570541bCorporation tax is zero for most businesses and there is no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, and 20 per cent income tax. Although food and fuel are pricier than the mainland UK, this is balanced out by the fact that there is no VAT.

Alderney has no restriction on property ownership either – British and EU citizens are welcome and property is relatively affordable. A maisonette might set you back around £99,000, a two-bed property around £160,000 and for those able to splash out, a six-bedroom detached bungalow with almost an acre of land is currently on the market for £635,000 (

Homes are also available to rent: a four-bedroom home will set you back around £750 per month.

Good schools and doctors as well as favourable company laws are a tempting prospect for families and entrepreneurs as well as retirees.

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