Russia: Visa-free entry for Turkish nationals suspended

reeditor-2016-8429-feb-8430-01-09-8516-8517-russia-visa-free-entry-for-turkish-nationals-suspended_7485_t12For over 15 years, Turkish and Russian citizens have enjoyed visa-free travel between the two countries covering short stays, but escalating tensions have resulted in the suspension of these agreements.

Effective 1 January, 2016, by official decree from the President of the Russian Federation, visa-free entry into Russia for Turkish citizens has been suspended and new restrictions on Russian companies sponsoring Turkish nationals have been implemented. Furthermore, the Russian Federal Migration Services have announced that they are not currently accepting visa applications for Turkish nationals.
What’s changed?

Although many of these changes may appear minor in nature, there are some significant implications both for Turkish nationals residing or visiting Russia and Russian companies employing Turkish citizens.

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