Do international students have the edge in today’s global market place?

rmarriage-2016-8545-do-international-students-have-the-edge-in-todays-global-market-place_7580_t12The new global market place is demanding a new a kind of international education and a new breed of graduate. International skills and cultural agility are the new currency. Relocate Global’s new annual Guide to International Education & Schools, which will be launched at our first ever International Education Forum in London, argues that children of globally mobile families are in a unique position in order to succeed in this new global business world and take advantage of the rapidly expanding international education market.

Data tells us there are now over 8,000 English medium international schools across the world teaching 4.26 million students. By 2025 this is predicted to rise 15,000 teaching over 8 million students.

Speaking at the COBIS annual conference, John Bagust, head of primary schools at Prague British School, said, “With a perpetually changing world, there are now more people working abroad than ever before, and that change in work patterns has created a huge need for high-quality British schools abroad.”

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