Demand for UK teachers “soaring” in international schools across world

Home-education-resources-UKIn Relocate Global’s new annual Guide to International Education and Schools it is reported that there are now around 8,000 English medium international schools, a figure that is set to double over the next ten years. And speaking at the Relocate Global International Education Forum, 19th February, Diane Glass, Business Development Director of International School Consultancy explained to delegates that statistics show that 41 per cent of those schools teach a British curriculum.

Sir Michael Wilshaw has suggested that teacher shortages in the UK are being “exacerbated” by an increasing number of teachers being recruited by international schools to work overseas, often with attractive salary packages in warmer and sunnier climates.

“Anyone regularly perusing the job vacancy pages of the education press cannot help but notice just how many of our elite public schools are busy opening up international branches across the globe,” says Sir Michael, “especially in the Gulf States and the Far East. Two years ago, there were 29 of these overseas franchises. At the end of 2015, there were 44 and the number will rise again in the coming months with several new campuses scheduled to open soon.”

Sir Michael goes on to describe the famous British education institutions such as Harrow, Marlborough, Shrewsbury and Brighton College as, “clamouring to meet a growing demand for a ‘traditional’ English education among the burgeoning middle classes of these countries as well as the increasing number of British ex-pats who have relocated there.”

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