8 top resources for home schooling

Home-education-resources-UKGetting started on home educating your child can be a daunting prospect. Trying to think of educational activities and things to do each day is enough to give any loving parent a bit of a wobble from time to time. But don’t panic, because you can do this!

Home educators have a wealth of different approaches to learning, from the very structured, timetabled classroom types through to unschoolers who give the child complete autonomy when it comes to learning. Whatever your own approach, sometimes it helps to have some support and guidance behind you, and something to steer the direction and depth of learning as you go.

The resources here follow and support the UK National Curriculum.We’ve put together some of the best resources for home schoolers with primary aged children, covering both KS1 and 2. The resources here follow and support the UK National Curriculum, and could be very useful if you’re starting to feel lost in the mass of information you want to stuff into your children’s heads.

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