Trends shaping business in 2016


Organisations are no longer satisfied with simply “locking the doors” where cybersecurity is concerned and are instead going on the offensive by employing more predictive approaches to threat intelligence and monitoring, according to the “2016 Deloitte Analytics Trends” report.

This, along with five other trends detailed in the report, are driving significant changes in the types of investments the C-suite is making to support business priorities.

“Business leaders continue to face many varying challenges and opportunities, and staying ahead of these trends will have a lasting impact on how their organizations will operate in the future,” said John Lucker, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “By going on the offensive with issues such as cybersecurity, organizations are making a strategic shift in the way they operate. Concurrently, the widening data scientist talent gap could be a business growth barrier. One thing is certain: effectively using analytics is essential in delivering insights that help achieve new levels of innovation and value.”

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