Singapore: 50 yrs of sovereignty & drop in foreign workforce






Singapore’s upcoming celebration marking 50 years of sovereignty will leave government offices closed from Aug. 7 through Aug. 10.
What does the change mean? Employers should factor the holidays into their timelines for employee start dates and when scheduling appointments for immigration services.

According to recent statements by the Minister of Manpower, all sectors experienced a “significant slowdown” in the growth rate of foreign workers over the past eight years. In the service sector, the increase in the number of foreign workers, expressed in raw numbers and year-to-year percentages, dropped from 54,500 (28 percent) to 21,500 (5 percent). The construction sector slowed from 36,000 (23 percent) to 9,700 (3 percent), and the manufacturing sector showed negative growth from 42,000 (18 percent) to 5,400 (-2 percent). The minister, Lim Swee Say, made the remarks July 14 in response to a question from the Singapore Parliament.

Singapore instituted a localization program in August 2014 aimed at giving Singaporean workers fair consideration for all jobs.